"And all that I hope forIs that all that I wantBecomes somedayJust those things that I needLike a small houseIn the pine treesAnd a big heart for the worldA warm fireOn a cold dayAnd my arms around my girl.”JTB, from Headwaters
Religions tell children they might go to hell and they must believe, while science tells children they came from the stars and presents reasoning they can believe


James Dean’s whole wardrobe was built on timeless, classic pieces that made him look simultaneously laid-back and refined. Try to look into the way he wore his basics, and you will be one step closer to embodying his coolness.
Murder In the City - Scott Avett
8.8.14, Wallingford, CT


I’m ready for autumn so that I can wear comfortable sweaters, plaid, and boots while drinking tea or hot coco by a slightly opened window. To be able to look up and see a swoosh of air carrying colorful leaves all around me. To wake up in the morning with a small chill in the air, wrap myself up in my blanket, and layer my clothes with scarves and beanies. Then after the day is done, eat my worries away in a slice of pumpkin pie.